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Join the BNI Leadership Team to Stand Up and Stand Out!

by Richard Foulkes

BNI Leadership Team changeover is coming up on October 1 and right now your BNI Director Consultant will be having conversations with your current President about who the next President will be. They may have already chosen the next President and they will be talking about who will make up their new Leadership Team. 

To help them get the right members on their team we always run an education around this week of the Leadership term to help seed the ground about the benefits of being part of the Leadership Team.

As part of the Leadership Team, hopefully, you already have felt some of the benefits and can speak from the heart about why Standing Up has helped you Stand Out. In fact, during this education, you might ask a former President, who will say something positive, about what they got out of being President.

This is a short and sharp, positive education but there is an FAQs section at the end around some questions we often get asked. There are other Education Moments on why you should join the Leadership Team in BNI Business Builder so if this one isn’t your style check these out:

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Standing Out

In today’s super busy world just about anything (except the Kardashians and Prince Harry) gets attention for nanoseconds. Yesterday’s news is now something that only happened ten minutes ago. Getting consistent cut-through is hard.

It’s the same in BNI, your weekly presentation or sales pitch, even done well, is competing with everyone else’s and it’s hard to stand out especially in larger chapters. So how do you get more face time (VCP or Visibility and Credibility leading to Profitability) with your chapter in the meeting?

One answer is to Stand Up to Stand Out.

Stand Out

The Leadership Team gets much more time in front of the chapter, and if they are doing a great job in their leadership team role, it greatly enhances their visibility and credibility while also helping the chapter.

It’s a great example of Givers Gain® in action!

How can you Stand Out?

Right now, the next Leadership Team is being selected. Our BNI Director Consultant is talking to our current President about who would be amazing as part of the next Leadership Team starting on October 1st.

The new President will reach out to those members to ask if they will stand up as part of the new team, if you are lucky enough to be asked to be part of the team think about how it will help you stand out and how you can give back.

Other benefits of being part of the Leadership Team

1. Develop leadership skills
2. Learn more about BNI
3. Have fun
4. Feel more involved
5. Influence the direction of the chapter


How is the next Leadership Team chosen? – We don’t have an election, that can divide the chapter. The current President works with the BNI Director Consultant and the incoming President to choose a team they think will do a great job.

Do we want volunteers for the Leadership Team? Volunteers are always welcome especially if you think you have useful skills. But don’t be disheartened if the team has been selected, another team will be needed in six months.

When does the next leadership team start? October 1st.

How many roles are there? – Eight Official Roles: President, Vice President, Visitors Hosts (minimum 2), Education Coordinator, Treasurer, Events/Hospice Champion, Member Mentor, Social Media Coordinator.  Some chapters have a “Sheriff” and others have an AV Coordinator.

How long will it take each week? – The time it takes will be dependant on the role you take on and how organised you are. Each role should only take up to an hour extra of your time each week.

Do you get paid? – No, the roles are voluntary.

Is there training and support? – Yes, online, from your BNI the Director Consultant,  from BNI Support and from past Leadership Team members.

Does the whole team change every six months? – It can but it shouldn’t, a whole new team takes a lot to get up to speed. Ideally, some will stay on in the same or different roles to provide continuity and stability. Generally, the President will change but in the right circumstances, they may stay for another 6 months.

Why have I never been asked to be part of the Leadership Team? – Have a courageous conversation with your BNI Director Consultant!

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