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Tag You’re IT – Part Two – Will You Say Yes?

by Richard Foulkes

Tag, You’re IT!

I’ve got sad news. This current leadership team finishes in 6 weeks.

I know, I know.

We will be hard to beat and thanks for the applause but its time to hand the baton onto the next great Leadership Team.

If It Ain’t Broke, Why Fix It?

The current team is amazing so why change it? In BNI we change the Leadership Team, at least some of it, every six months.

There are very good reasons for this:

1.People get tired and burnt out. A fresh team brings renewed energy and ideas.

2.In many members organisations, leadership roles get done by the same people, often for a long time. Givers Gain® says the load should be shared.

3.If the leadership team isn’t as awesome as this one, then a compulsory reset helps the chapter move forward again.

4.Being on the Leadership Team is a privilege, not a burden. The leadership learnings and increase in visibility makes it a valuable experience.

Who is IT?

In BNI we don’t ask for volunteers (although they are welcome) or hold an election.

It about finding the best members to help the chapter.

Right now, our BNI Director Consultant and our President are reaching out to members to ask them to participate in the next leadership team.

The Gift of Leadership

A Leader is someone who:

· Can move an idea forward and upward,

· With infectious passion, confidence, and courage

· Past obstacles and lethargy,

· Knowing that change is inherent and essential when making something better,

· To create a better, stronger place,

· With a better, stronger team.

We all need these skills to be leaders, not just owners or managers in our businesses. Being a leader in BNI can help develop these skills.

Say YES!

If you are asked, think before saying no.

We are all busy, we may doubt we have the skill, but if not you then who?

If you are asked, you are seen as a leader or potential leader, and in a great chapter like ours, it’s an honour to be asked and to serve.

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