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Join the BNI Team….

by Richard Foulkes

Have you ever noticed?

Have you ever noticed that the highest performing BNI members are often on the Leadership Team? Is it cause or effect? Does being on the Leadership Team help them get more engaged, be more visible, give and receive more? Or were they like that already which makes them great leadership team members as well? Maybe it’s both or neither.

It’s time for a change!

In BNI we change some of the Leadership Team (LT) every six months. The next change is April 1. Why I hear you cry? To prevent LT burn out, to stop the chapter going too far in “one direction”, to share the leadership load … and being on the LT is an amazing opportunity to learn more about BNI, give back, improve the chapter, increase skills (especially leadership skills), and increase your visibility and credibility by doing a great job.

What roles are up for grabs?

There is something for everyone… The roles are: President, Vice President, Visitor Hosts, Education Co-Ordinator, Events, Treasurer, Social Media, Hospice Champion. They all suit different skill sets and personality types.

How do I get elected?

No insurrection or election needed here. The current President will work with the BNI Director Consultant to choose the next President who will reach out to members to be part of their leadership team. If you want to be part of the next leadership team, and who wouldn’t, chat to the current President.

Step up, Make a difference. If not you, who?

Everyone in the Chapter should be on the Leadership Team at some stage. Givers Gain says we can’t let the same people do it all. If you are asked to be part of the next Leadership Team, consider the offer carefully, and accept!


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