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Is it your time to shine by joining the leadership team at your BNI business networking group?

by Richard Foulkes

Is It Your Time to Shine?

When we first joined BNI, many of us were quite nervous about speaking in public. A year or so on we need a reminder to get us to sit down and stop talking.

We receive a limited time to shine every week so one of the ways to have more “face time” in the meeting is to become part of the leadership team.

True.. but it’s a lot of work!

Being a leader in the chapter does involve a bit of extra effort, but probably not as much as you might think. And there are major benefits.

We’ve already mentioned it gives you more visibility in the chapter but smashing the role out of the park also adds credibility that will spill over to your refer-ability. It helps develop leadership skills, you learn more about BNI and how to use your membership better and you will feel more connected and invested in the chapter being as great as it can be.

It is also giving back, especially to those that gave their time before you, another part of the BNI Givers Gain® Philosophy.

How can I get involved?

1.Offers of help are always welcome. There may not be a role for this time but the team changes again in 6 months.

2.Seriously consider stepping up if you are asked to.  Especially if you think the chapter can be even better with your help and ideas.

3.If you have never been asked to be part of the team, maybe now is your chance!

When Does Changeover Occur?

The leadership team changes at our first meeting in April so the new Leadership team is being formed right now.

Your new leadership team will want to meet before they start so the sooner the new team is in place the better chance they have of doing a great job for the chapter.

When is Leadership Team Training?

There is Leadership Team Training available before changeover, just choose between 3 session times for a national BNI Online event through Zoom event running through the Leadership Team overview plus specific breakout rooms covering each Leadership Team role.

Story of Success

Ask one of your former Presidents to say what they gained out of their term as President. Most will say it was a rewarding experience in many ways.

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