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International Networking Week 2024

by Richard Foulkes

International Networking Week, 5th – 9th February, is a BNI initiative that is in its 17th year!

International Networking Week is a celebration that highlights the valuable advantages of networking for business owners and professionals worldwide. Among the impactful benefits of business networking are accelerated business growth, referrals, mentorship, enhanced visibility and credibility, brand promotion, and the creation of a supportive community.

The theme this year is “seize your breakthrough moment”.

Graham Weihmiller, BNI Global Chairman & CEO

Graham Weihmiller is Chairman & CEO of BNI, a position he has held since 2014. Graham is extremely passionate about BNI’s unique ability to foster job creation, economic growth, and lifelong relationships through collaboration amongst purpose-driven business leaders. As CEO, he is focused on building the BNI of the future and dedicated to making the BNI membership experience the best that it can be. His goal is to ensure BNI Members across BNI’s 70 operating countries achieve their dreams.

As part of International Networking Week, Graham is attending BNI events in 5 countries in 5 days and for the first time is including BNI NZ in the countries he is visiting. He is here on Friday February 9th hosting a lunch for the Auckland podium-placed chapters from the Level Up! campaign, and an evening event that is open to all BNI members to attend.

Seize your Breakthrough Moment!

BNI worldwide has the goal of members having 500,000 One-to-Ones during International Networking Week and hosting 114,000 visitors during the month of February. The momentum this activity will create will see outstanding breakthroughs achieved all around the world.

In NZ, we are aiming for 5,000 One-to-Ones, an average of 2 One-to-Ones per member for the week. As we return from holiday mode, having this number of One-to-Ones will create many referral opportunities. Inviting visitors in February will help the chapter grow into the New Year.


Get your ticket to the INW Auckland Evening Event, book your One-to-Ones for International Networking week now and seize your breakthrough moment!

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