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I love BNI®

by Richard Foulkes

Often in BNI Chapter Meetings I hear members say “I love BNI” at the end of their Referrals and Testimonials. It’s a beautiful thing to hear.

I often tell people how proud I am to be a BNI Member. This has its time and place of course. More subtly, I wear my BNI badge to client meetings and occasionally it gets noticed and I get asked what BNI is. Sometimes, someone will say I’m part of or was part of BNI and a whole world of common ground opens, and the business relation deepens immediately.

How else can we subtly and proudly proclaim our BNI Membership and love of BNI?

Last week, BNI sent out an email with Proud BNI Member Logos that members can add to their digital, printed and web assets to show they are proud BNI members. The purpose of this week’s education is to bring attention to the email and encourage members to take advantage of the Proud BNI Member Logos.

Who loves BNI?

We all do, right? Sometimes we say it out loud in the meeting, sometimes we tell each other, sometimes we might even tell friends, family, and colleagues.

Being proud of being a BNI member is natural, BNI is such a great organisation to be part of.  Who has met someone for the first time and then found out they are, or have been, a BNI member? It immediately helps build the relationship, doesn’t it?

How can we subtly let others know we are part of BNI and proud of it?

Proud BNI Member

Early last week, the Support Team and BNI New Zealand sent out an email with “Proud to be a BNI member” logos that you can add to your emails, printed materials, social channels and websites.

You might be surprised how it could change the conversations you have with clients and suppliers. They might even ask to visit your chapter.

Let’s get started

You could start by adding it to your email footer or business cards.  You might find your existing email footer is non-existent or out of date so it’s a great opportunity to review your current setup.

Adding the proud member badge to your website and linking it through to your membership profile or chapter is a great way to set up a backlink for your SEO.

What other ways can we use it?

Let’s do it!

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