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Grazie for the Referral!

by Alison Poulter

By Alison Poulter, Director Consultant of BNI Canterbury region

Juliette Capaldi of BNI Kinesis chapter is a portrait photographer currently visiting some chapters without a photographer, purely to promote the Love & Grandparents fundraiser for Nurse Maude Hospice.

She happened to visit BNI Evolve chapter with me one week and as she was chatting during open networking, another member Maree Carruthers walks in and says “BUONGIORNO!” in a super loud voice with bad pronunciation (it was quite funny!). I asked her why the enthusiastic intro and Maree says because she is learning Italian for her daughter’s wedding in September 2024 in Italy. Juliette is also learning Italian (her in-laws are Italian) as she is going to Italy in September 2024.

So they briefly chat about Italy and then sit next to each other (purely a fluke) and then they catch up for a One-to-One the following week. Not long after a meeting with Maree’s daughter, a quote was created and I found out yesterday that Juliette has the job as official wedding photographer in Italy. How amazing is that!

What a fantastic example of what can happen with some excellent networking and relationship building for interchapter success.