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How can we continue our business networking through the silly season and over the summer holiday break?

by Richard Foulkes

It’s the Party Time of the Year!

It’s called the Silly Season because many of us will be going to work functions, client events and other celebrations in the weeks leading up until Christmas. Then after that, hopefully we are all getting a break from work and spending time with friends and families, maybe at the bach or beach.

When you are out having fun, don’t totally forget your fellow BNI members. Mixing in different circles in different places potentially opens referral opportunities you would not normally come across.

Leading Lines

Meeting someone new or that you only know casually makes it awkward to just ask, “Do you need a new Will or a new deck”! But if you are equipped with the right casual question, it keeps the conversation going while possibly leading to a referral opportunity.

Producing the right leading question on behalf of our fellow members is hard to do so we need them to suggest topics or questions that could steer the conversation towards a referral opportunity.

Over the next few weeks, we can all start suggesting leading lines in our weekly presentations.


We aren’t looking for conversation starters, more ideas for conversations. For instance:

• Have the interest rate increases impacted you much? (Mortgage Broker)
• Planning any home improvements next year or have you thought of covering the deck, so you are able to use all year round? (Builder)
• Wow, you have a big section here, thought of sub-dividing? (Lawyer, Architect)
• Having trouble lifting that? (Chiropractor, Massage Therapist)
• Are you going to visit family overseas this year? (Travel Agent) The key is they shouldn’t be attempts to sell the other person something but attempt to find out their thinking.

Planning, Bragging or Complaining

Listening out for people Planning, Bragging or Complaining, as these also are opportunities for referrals. If you hear, for instance, the house is getting too small, then that is an opportunity for a Builder, Architect or Real Estate Agent. However, don’t jump in and suggest someone immediately. They aren’t asking for that.

Discuss it a bit more and ask, are you thinking of making a change to the house because it’s too small? They might just say no. If they say yes, then you can ask what the plan is, how far down the track with it they are and if they have anyone helping with that. Then you can make a referral if appropriate.

Score One for the Team

If we all give examples of a leading line or conversation continuer then we can all try to find referrals for other members over the next month and the holiday season.

The best present you can give another member is a genuine referral that leads to business.

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