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BNI B.A.S.I.C.S – doing the basics is the key to success in business networking…

by Richard Foulkes

Because many chapters around New Zealand are returning to In Person meetings and everyone is getting back to business, it’s important to remind members of the activities that we know drive business and engagement in BNI so our chapters can once again enjoy pre-pandemic levels of success (or better).

We all love a good acronym and what is an easier acronym to remember than BASICS? Thanks to Carey Duckmanton, BNI Director Consultant in Auckland for this concept.


What’s better than an easy acronym to remind us what to do?

In BNI the BASICS that lead to success are well proven and we just need to follow them for personal and chapter success.

So let’s use BASICS as our acronym to go back over the BASICS.

B is for Book One-to-Ones

One-to-Ones create referral opportunities by deepening relationships and understanding of each others’ businesses.

The recommended number of one-to-ones a week is 1.

To achieve 1 a week takes two things: •Book them well ahead of time at the rate of at least one a week – book at least one today while you are the meeting. •Carry them out.

We will cover how to make them an effective use of time in another education.

A is for Attendance

It all starts at the meeting. Turning up each week (or sending a substitute) is the bare minimum.

Being there each week achieves a lot of different things but here’s a twist to think about: the members in the chapter are paying to see you and vice versa.

S is for Socialise

Socialising with your fellow members develops relationships faster and in a different way.

We learn much more about them at a personal level, and it’s fun!

I is for Invite

Inviting visitors is so important and maybe we forgot how important it is over the past year. Why?

Because BNI is a gift that keeps giving and giving the gift of BNI to others is something a visitor you invite will always be grateful for.

Even if they don’t apply to join. After all, we are thankful to those that invited us.

C is for Chronicle

Chronicle your activity in the BNI Connect App. Accountability is a BNI Core Value and sets us apart from other business networks. Measuring what we do helps us know what to focus on to improve as well helping us quantify our Return on Investment or ROI, the tangibles of BNI.

A recent education suggested making a recurring weekly appointment with yourself in your diary to update the App and that is a smart thing to do.

S is for Supportive

Having a positive and supportive attitude is one of the items in our BNI code of ethics.

No one wants to meet weekly with negative or critical people. There are plenty of those outside of BNI.


B is for Book (and carry out) One-to-Ones

A is for Attend meetings (every week)

S is for Socialise with other members

I is for Invite visitors

C is for Chronicle your activity in the App

S is for having a Supportive and positive attitude with your fellow members.

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