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Business Networking in the Digital Age

by Richard Foulkes

Chat GPT

It’s been a little over 6 months since Chat GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) 4 was released on an unsuspecting world.

Over that time many people have tried using it, maybe to help with an assignment, speech or even gone so far as incorporating generative AI in their business. Many other companies are racing to compete with GPT-4. It’s still very early days for AI and even Chat GPT version 4 is equivalent to an early 2000s Nokia 2210 mobile phone in its capabilities so far.

Anyone given it a try?

The world hasn’t ended yet and while law makers are still trying to catch up with the legal implications, as Business Owners in BNI, what does it mean for us?

Content Explosion

There is so much online content in the world now and AI is making it possible to create more of it even faster. In social media, you can scroll all day on any platform and never get to the end of it.

The problem now is with the Authenticity of all that information. Who or what is really generating it and what is their agenda, expertise and authority?

It’s impossible to tell what to trust online or even if an email that looks like it is from your “bank” is a scam or not.

Real Relationships 

What the past few years have shown us is that the closeness of real relationships and the people in our lives matter more than anything because then we can have genuine Authentic connections.

AI can’t replace that. We can judge what is real and what isn’t in an authentic, human relationship (most of the time).

Show Up in Person

This means in person, or in person online. It is also possible to create authentic relationships through Zoom.

Participating in BNI meetings, whether conducted virtually or in person, enables us to cultivate authentic connections. This, in turn, empowers us to confidently recommend a fellow member, backed by a firsthand understanding of their capabilities, as opposed to relying solely on their online presence or that of their business.

Thought Leadership 

With social media, it’s key to be a thought leader and provide content that draws people to you building your brand. It’s a shift from advertising. You need to be your authentic self and attract people and clients who relate to that and align with your vision.

Digging a Hole

Is AI a threat to our businesses?

If you think about how humans used to dig a hole, it was first with our hands, then a sharp stone, a spade, a steam shovel… now there are massive boring machines making underground holes everywhere. But holes are still being made and the business of making holes still exists.

AI is a tool, an assistant we can use in our business to free us up to make real connections. It makes sense to check if AI can help you run your business better.


One of BNI’s core values is creating deep and meaningful relationships and it’s more important than ever.

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