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Only present to visitors!

by David Wimblett

Every week we should have visitors at our chapters: business people we have never met before.

Our 60 Seconds may be the only opportunity we have at the meeting to let these visitors know who we are and what we do, how we can help them and their contacts. We need to impress!

But, how do we do this? Well, for a start, not by cramming everything we do into our 60 Seconds, that is just a certain way to make sure a visitor forgets us for good. In fact, it will have exactly the same effect on our fellow members.

So, how do we do it?

I guess like me, you have been at your meeting and a member stands up and they say exactly what they said last week, and the week before that, and the week before that, and you just switch off – it’s boring! They themselves are bored. Then, there is the member who stands and says, “like I said last week” and sits down again after 28 seconds. There are countless examples of wasted 60 Seconds. However, if you forget your fellow members (and the fact that you think they know exactly what you do) and only think about the visitors, about making them want to talk to you after the meeting, for maximum results your 60 Seconds will be planned, specific, and a full one minute.

This will then have two major benefits: 1) the visitors will be more likely to want to meet up with you later, and 2) far more importantly, your fellow members will learn a great deal more about you and find it easier to refer you.

So, concentrate on presenting to your chapter visitors and you will reap the rewards of your fellow members being both better educated and motivated to help you!

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