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BNI raised $142,000 for Hospice in 2015!

by Graham Southwell

Many BNI chapters throughout the country are very active donating, fundraising and raising the awareness of our national partner Hospice New Zealand. We are proud to announce that the final figure for donations to hospices throughout New Zealand in 2015 was an incredible $142,000! This is a phenomenal amount and chapters throughout the country who contributed by donating funds, their time or services should be very proud of themselves.

Hospice Awareness Week is coming up later
this month from the 16th to the 22nd of May.

Hospice Awareness Week

Hospice Awareness Week is an opportunity for hospices to profile and celebrate the services they provide in their local communities, to address misconceptions that people may have around hospice care and to encourage the New Zealand public to support their local hospice.

Mary Schumacher, Chief Executive of Hospice NZ, says many people are surprised to learn that hospice nurses and members of the family support team usually visit people in their homes. “A lot of people think that hospice is a building where people go to die”, she explains. “But hospice is a philosophy of care. Our goal is to support people to live every moment in whatever way is important to them. Irrespective of where people live, that doesn’t change.”

The importance of hospice

Hospice is a hugely important organisation. In the past year, over 18,000 families have received care and support from 29 hospice services across the country. They also supported these people’s family and whanau. All hospice services are provided free of charge to patients and their families, however support from the community is essential to meeting the shortfall in government funding. In 2016, hospices need to raise more than $45M nationally.

BNI started working with Hospice in 2005 and we have now helped raise well over 1 million dollars for hospices around the country. This is an incredible figure and one to be celebrated.

Common values

There’s a perfect synergy between our two organisations because of their shared common values. Givers Gain is about helping each other to grow successful businesses within our communities. Hospice is about supporting communities in which people live. Doing good, is good for business. Both of our organisations share values surrounding personal connections and developing relationships based on trust.

Hospice Awareness Week provides the perfect opportunity for BNI and Hospice NZ to celebrate their strong and enduring relationship. If you are doing anything special for your local hospice during Hospice Awareness Week or have held an event that is in support of your local hospice recently – we want to know about it. We would love to share information about your event across social media as well as allow that hospice to acknowledge the great work that you’ve done.

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