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BNI Dunedin raise $43K for Otago Community Hospice

by Becs Wilson

Earlier this year, at one of our regular BNI Champion meetings held here at Otago Community Hospice, an idea to collaborate on an event was born.

2-11-2018 3-23-47 PM

The seven Dunedin chapters – who have supported Hospice wonderfully with individual chapter donations of money, biscuits for our volunteers and as volunteers – jumped on board with energy and enthusiasm.

For our small fundraising team this was an exciting development, given the reach and the commitment of the BNI teams. We knew from the get-go they would throw everything at the event. We divided up activities, with the BNIers gathering up auction items and support, and the Hospice team co-ordinating the auctions and the ticket sales.

Closer to the event, the BNI chapters used their networks to great advantage selling tickets. And on the night, everyone rolled up their sleeves and helped out. It was truly a collaborative affair – and the benefits go far beyond the significant $43k raised (that’s after all the expenses!).

While we all need some time to recover, there is enthusiasm to run this as an annual event. The Hospice relies upon these kinds of events – which bring new awareness of the Hospice and its services as well as helping us to raise the $2.5million target. We simply couldn’t maintain our quality service without the BNI’s efforts fundraising and volunteering their time and expertise.

To see photos of the event click here.

By Becs Wilson, Development and Engagement Manager at Otago Community Hospice


About Otago Community Hospice:
Leading the Otago Community Hospice fundraising team and retail shop network to raise a whopping $2.5 million this year. Their fundraising ensures that the specialist palliative care service in Otago continues delivering its quality service for free, no matter where you live in the Otago region.

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