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A sophisticated way to raise $15,000

by Graham Southwell

23-11-2015 12-08-23 p-m-

They sure know how to do it with style in Palmerston North. Last week Palmerston North chapters of BNI; BNI Palmerston North, BNI Fielding and BNI Heartland held a very successful fundraiser for Arohanui Hospice.

The theme was Black Friday and the main event was a casino with a number of auctions going on during the evening. With the tallies still being added up and ticket money coming in, it is looking like they raised over $15,000, which is an incredible result.

We want to congratulate Niki Gunning for kicking off the organisation of this event. A massive effort was put in by the organising committee of Peter Day, Tracy Stafford, Regan Thomas, Hamish Giles and Emily Marsden. Also thanks to Kevin Bills and Dean Rowland for coming down early to help with set up of the room.

23-11-2015 12-02-19 p-m-

Last but not least thanks to Latham Lockwood, BNI Director Consultant for Manawatu and Wanganui Regions. Latham joined BNI New Zealand as a BNI Director Consultant this year and has already contributed significantly to chapters in the region with his dedication.

We must also acknowledge all the BNI members who supported this event. Whether it was attending, selling tickets or donating some fantastic items, which helped raise a lot of the money, you have all contributed to a very worthwhile cause which will help the community.

A special mention must go to Warwick Dunn from the Palmerston North Chapter, who had his hair shaved off on the night for cash donations. This alone raised $500. Top effort Warwick! Congratulations to everyone involved for making this a fun, enjoyable night and supporting a very worthy cause.

We’ll update you with details on the final tally and keep you posted about how this will be presented.

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