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As Business Leaders how can we challenge ourselves to have a BIG vision to inspire ourselves and others?

by Richard Foulkes

BNI is known as a platform for small to medium businesses. Why? As businesses get larger, they can no longer rely solely on word-of-mouth referrals, they must create dedicated sales and marketing teams. In BNI, the member is often the owner and/or the main salesperson. We do occasionally have salespeople in BNI from larger organisations, but they are rarer.

Does this mean our members shouldn’t and don’t think big? No, not at all.

In BNI, we are all visionaries, leaders, and entrepreneurs. There are many amazing stories of how members of BNI have achieved big things. What is big? It depends on your own context. Big could mean becoming full time in your own business. It could be developing a new piece of unique technology, it maybe dominating a worldwide market or being a local household name. The key point of this education is “daring to dream big – but on your terms”.

This education is based on BNI Podcast Episode 767: Be a Big Thinker: Podcast Episode 767: Be a Big Thinker

Be a Big Thinker

We may not all be dreaming of World Domination but we all should Dream Big. Why?

Following on from last week’s Education on Leadership, as a leader in our business, it’s one of our roles to be the visionary.

Even if it is a business of 1. As the visionary we must challenge ourselves to have a big vision to inspire ourselves and others.

To do less, we might be accepting mediocrity, getting stale and becoming less passionate in our business and merely just going through the motions on a day-to-day basis.

What is Thinking Big?

‘Thinking big’ means being able to dream and visualise what you can achieve on an audacious scale: with no limits on your thinking. It is about being open-minded, positive, creative and seeing opportunity in the big picture.

Our vision controls our perception, and our perception becomes our reality. Don’t become so attached to a limiting belief that you can’t see past what is possible. Think Big.

The size of your success is determined by the size of your belief. Think little goals and expect little expectations. Think big goals and smash other people’s expectations of you. You know, it takes the same energy to think big as it does to think small.

Sure, if you think big, you’re sometimes worried about whether you can achieve those dreams. But when you think small, you might be disappointed in yourself because you didn’t achieve the success you wanted or perhaps you didn’t even start.

Thinking Big in Context

As we said, Thinking Big doesn’t have to be about world domination but it means looking at yourself and your business and truly challenging your beliefs about what is possible, whatever your context. The thought of succeeding should both scare and thrill you but it’s your dream and no-one else’s.

For a Plumber it might be having the most positive reviews on Google or developing a non-skid toilet. For you it might be becoming the first sustainable business in your industry or giving back in a significant way, who knows?

Does anyone in the room want to share their Dream? Saying it out loud is scary but it can also help keep you committed to it!

How to Think Big

Schedule thinking time.

When you’re ready to consider new projects or new approaches to current goals, set aside some time. Perhaps 90 minutes or two hours, whatever you can spare and use the entire time for thinking.

Entertain the impossible. It’s easy to think “small” in your life, because it’s easy to feel obligated to be practical or realistic about your dreams or goals. Thinking big requires you to move beyond thinking realistically and toward what might seem improbable or even impossible. 

Step outside of your comfort zone. Thinking big means thinking in ways that are beyond what you normally do, so naturally you’ll have to step outside of your comfort zone. While you’re thinking about new projects or approaches, let yourself feel a little uncomfortable. If you’re not a little scared of what you’re producing, you’re not thinking big enough.

Think Big

To inspire others, you must first inspire yourself. If you want to be big, you need to start thinking big, and behaving big. Don’t be a product of circumstances. Be a product of your decisions.

Why not schedule some thinking time. You may like to have a 1-2-1 with another remember this week and their ideas may provide ideas to boost you along.

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