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by BNI New Zealand

BNI Master Connector

• Do you need more revenue in 2021?  If you’re like everyone else in the world right now, the answer is likely to be absolutely, yes!  Now is the time for BNI Members to focus on rebuilding their businesses.

• BNI Global have launched a Master Connector Campaign to help all BNI Members around the world become Master Connectors and increase their revenue earning potential through BNI.

• In New Zealand we will be looking to see who our Master Connectors are in June, July and August. This is your chance to shine and show off your BNI and networking skills at the chapter level, regional level and national level. 

What does a Master Connector Look Like?

Master Connectors are very active in developing their Chapter and Network relationships. They help their chapter to thrive and grow increasing revenue for all members. They help develop a strong network of experts who also enjoy friendships and social activity through their BNI Chapter.

· They bring more visitors to meetings.
· They sponsor more members.
· They give more referrals.
· They solve problems and help people.
· They build trusted relationships.

How will we measure success?

· Visitors
· Sponsored Members
· Referrals
· One to Ones

Recognition will be completed at different levels.

· Your chapter leadership team can award monthly awards.
· Your local BNI Executive Director or Support office will help report on Regional Master Connectors.
· BNI New Zealand will report on national Master Connectors.

Tools available for use: 

· The Connector Effect Book (New Member Packs)
· The online Member Success Program Training
· Education Moments
· Handy Reference Materials

It will be exciting to see who the Master Connectors in our chapter are and if we have any members who will be Master Connectors regionally and nationally! 

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