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Will you lead your chapter with a fresh approach or change in direction?

by Graham Southwell

We’ve seen a lot of change in New Zealand politics recently. Some of this change has been around leadership. Regardless of the outcome of his elevation, the upheavals in New Zealand political leadership indicate the incredible importance we now place on those we choose to lead us.

Also demonstrated is the energy and excitement a new leadership team can bring. There’s nothing like a new leader to indicate a fresh approach or change in direction.

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On April 1st there will be changes made to BNI’s leadership teams throughout the country. All the roles offered in BNI are up for grabs which means there’s really something for everyone. So, here is a recap of the roles available…

  • President: Runs the weekly meetings, oversees the team, works with your Director Consultant to set goals and support BNI core values in the chapter.
  • Vice President: Submits weekly reports and heads up the Membership Committee who manage new applications, member renewals, membership issues and maintain high performance in your chapter.
  • Secretary Treasurer: Manages the breakfast funds, AP’s and bank account.
  • Education Coordinator: Delivers inspirational BNI Networking Nuggets weekly and assists the President in running the weekly meetings.
  • Visitor Host: Arrive early, greet visitors and ensure they are made to feel welcome and comfortable and are followed up. They are part of the Membership Committee headed by the VP.
  • Event Coordinator / Hospice Champion: Represents the chapter by liaising with your local hospice. Also responsible for putting together events outside of the normal chapter meeting such as social outings and fundraisers.
  • New Member Mentor: Assists and mentors all new members to ensure they are comfortable within the chapter, know our BNI processes, and ensure they are booked into the next available Member Success Programme (MSP) training.
  • Social Media Coordinator: Looks after all the social media of the chapter.

With the varied roles available, you should never feel that you are too new to take on a leadership role or too inexperienced in BNI to step up to the challenge of leadership.

An important viewpoint, is that leadership at BNI is a great training ground for learning about management in your own occupation, or even the first step towards participating on advisory boards.

Whatever your future ambitions, leadership at BNI will help you perfect those intangible qualities of a leader – like responsibility, initiative, problem solving, vision, and follow-through. Now is the time to think about leadership at BNI and your own personal and professional development.

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