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Mini Workshops – Benefits 002

by Geoff Kirkwood

This is a 2-3 minute activity that involves those at the meeting.
You will need to read it through beforehand and be prepared. 
What you say out loud to the group is in larger type in bold.

Purpose: To examine the difference between features and benefits.

Ask the chapter the following question…….

What do you say when someone asks “what do you do?”

Responses please?

Repeat some of the responses and then highlight how some of the responses are “same old same old” and don’t inspire further conversation – e.g. the response… “I’m a florist” or “I’m an accountant”

Now you give them several responses that would provoke some further conversation.

Listen to what some BNI members are saying when asked that question.

The Financial Planner said “I help people to retire rich!”

The Real Estate Salesperson said “I put other people’s money in your pocket!”

The hairdresser who says “I fix $5 haircuts!”

So what could you say when asked that question? Take 40 seconds to write down a possible response for your business category.

Now call for responses and repeat 1 or 2 good ones.

Finish by saying…

In BNI we call them Memory Hooks.

But they are not only for your 60-seconds. They can be used anywhere.

Please give me some suggestions on where else they can be used?

Wait for responses and repeat 1 or 2. Then say…

Let’s all get a little more creative about our Word-Of-Mouth Marketing.

The Referral Master®

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