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Mini Workshop – Benefits 01

by Geoff Kirkwood

This is a 2-3 minute activity that involves those at the meeting.

You will need to read it through beforehand and be prepared. 
What you say out loud to the group is in larger type in bold.

Purpose: To examine the difference between features and benefits. Need: – 0.
Start by saying…..

This morning we are looking at what you are selling.

So please, can I have some responses to the question… “what are you selling?”.

Wait for responses. You will probably get answers that nominate the person’s product or service. Yet this is not what they should be selling if they want to succeed. Then ask the following question…

Is that what people buy? Your product or service?

Wait for responses and nominate one or two. You may get someone who actually understands and gives you a description of the potential result rather than the product/service.

Now highlight the focus of this workshop.

Clients respond to and buy what your product/service will do for them. This has often been called “selling the sizzle… not the steak!”

So what do we need to concentrate on? Establishing what your product/service does for clients and then focus all your marketing activity on those things.

Particularly in Word-Of-Mouth Marketing.

And especially when you do both your 60-seconds and your 10 min presentation.

So let’s get some feedback now on what you are selling?

Repeat one or two of the better responses.

So, when next someone asks “what do you sell?” tell them in terms of what the result will be!

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Graham Southwell 2 February 2010 - 6:58 pm

Thanks Geoff – good to you safely back in the Southern Hemisphere. I imagine you are finding Queensland a little warmer than Paris!

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