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Mini Workshop – Benefits 006

by Geoff Kirkwood

This is a 2-3 minute activity that involves those at the meeting.
You will need to read it through beforehand and be prepared. 
What you say out loud to the group is in larger type in bold.

Purpose: To highlight the Givers Gain philosophy.
Start by asking the members…..

I want you all to think about how much potential business there is in your category?

How much business, even just in this country, is done each year in the category that you represent?

Call out to me some answers please? Is it $100, $1,000, $100,000, $1 million, $100 million, $1 billion? Just how much is it?

Repeat some of the answers as well as nominate the category they represent.

Now tell me what percentage you think that you are getting?

Call out to me some answers please?

If you nominated a figure that was less than 100%, does that leave you room for business growth in your business?

So, what is your philosophy about business?

Is it one of scarcity or one of abundance?

If it is scarcity, then you will have difficulty making the BNI philosophy work for you.

However, if it is one of abundance, then there is enough for everyone and you can easily get your share, whatever you perceive that to be!

How, I hear you ask?

In the words of that famous American speaker, Zig Ziglar ……

“You can have anything you want, simply by helping enough other people get what they want!”

Zig would have made a great ambassador for BNI.

The Referral Master®

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Graham Southwell 8 March 2010 - 9:10 am

Thanks Geoff,
We missed you last week.

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