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Three Steps BNI Members can use to Attract Referrals

by Richard Foulkes


A business with a clear message and value proposition is the one that attracts the most customers or clients.  

Using the paper and pens I’ve just handed around, follow the next 3 steps that will help you deliver a clear message and value proposition in your sales pitch.

Step 1: Describe Your Ideal Client or Customer

So, many people that network fail because they never really define their target market. Instead, they use words like ‘everybody’ or ‘anybody. Has anyone ever met anyone called ‘everybody’ or ‘anybody’?

In 60 seconds, write down: •Who is already a great customer for you? It should be a real client, not a client you would like.  •Why are they a great client? •To help… Are they a certain age, business type, business size, income level, location, profession, easy to deal with, profitable?

Step 2: The Problems You Solve for Your Ideal Client

All businesses exist to solve a problem. Too many businesspeople talk about their products and their services but not how they help their clients. For instance, an accountant might help their clients sleep at night by not worrying about their tax department.

In 60 seconds, using your pen and paper again….

What are 3 problems your ideal client has?·
What is the worst thing that could happen to your customer if the problem isn’t solved?
What is the best thing that can happen to your perfect customer or client once their problem is solved?
What will it look like after you do what it is that you do?
Do you have any evidence or client success stories to illustrate how you help your customers or clients?

By the way, these three problems can be three separate presentations that you would do at a BNI meeting.

Step 3: Build Your Weekly Presentation    *******You probably won’t have time for this step so just run through it**********

On your paper or at another time….
• Introduce yourself and your business.
• Share ONE problem you solved for a client and how it helped (Step 2).
• Ask for a referral to your ideal client. Be specific about who that person or business is. (Step 1).
• End with your company name and profession.
• Add energy, humour, a prop, song or poem and you will have a prize-winning weekly presentation.
• Rinse and repeat weekly.

*Mixing the order up can be very effective.

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