How can BNI help your business to be more visible online?

Primary Contact Details

Is your primary contact number visible to BNI members and people searching the BNI website for trusted service providers?

By default, your mobile number isn’t shown but if this is how most people contact you this way then it makes sense to make it visible. 

Just go to the bottom right side of the APP home screen and choose More then Profile then Account Settings and turn on and off what you would like to display. You will see there are a lot of options here.

What is to GAIN?

You can also put your G.A.I.N.S. profile on the APP to make sharing it easy in one to ones.

Go to More then Profile then My BIO then GAINS PROFILE and update it. You can update yourself TOPS PROFILE in the same place.

My Business
While you are there, update your My Business profile and check your address and contact details.

Be Visible Online Through BNI

It is easier than ever to keep your BNI profile up to date and to be digitally visible and contactable. 


  1. it gives you visibility which leads to profitability

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