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Online BNI Member Success Program (MSP) Training

by Sam Williamson

Member Success Program (MSP) training which is completed via our BNI University online learning platform is very important to each members success. MSP is core learning that every new member needs to complete to get up to speed with BNI for two reasons:

1. To ensure that they get value from BNI themselves. 

2. That they become and effective team member for the benefit of their fellow members.

The online MSP is easy to do, doesn’t take much time and the feedback we have had from members has been very positive. MSP is continuing education, just like is found in other professions e.g. legal, accounting, insurance, real estate etc.

Professional Development

Who is in a trade or profession that requires them to complete professional development hours to stay up to date and on form

BNI is no different, BNI provides professional development modules via BNI University to assist you throughout your BNI Career and in your business.

One of the core learnings every member needs is our Member Success Programme (MSP) training. Think of this as BNI Basic training, it is designed to get the member up to speed quickly so that they get the most out of their membership and become and effective team member of the chapter.

It is also a suitable as refresher for longer term members.

Lifelong Learning is our 2nd core value in BNI – we believe in continuous improvement of personal and professional skills.

Success always comes through a process of expansion and learning!

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