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Who’s ready to network globally during 2023 with BNI?

by Richard Foulkes

International Networking Week 2023

Everything has its day or week of celebration, awareness, or recognition. For instance, November 10 is International Accounting Day (you can probably find the day for your own profession).

In February alone there is National Frozen Yogurt Day,  National Lame Duck Day, National Sickie day and National Chopsticks Day to name just a few.

More seriously (except for Lame Ducks of course) International Networking Week is celebrated this year from February 5th to February 11th.

Now in its 16th year, International Networking Week is an opportunity to raise awareness in the general business community of the value of networking and to generate more networking activity between BNI Members.

International Speed Networking

• Join members from around the world for International Speed Networking.

• There are New Zealand Friendly sessions on Tuesday the 7th, Wednesday the 8th and Friday the 10th of February.

• Members will also be sent an email with more details and registration links.

Connect 5 – Invite Visitors

• Let’s set a target of raising awareness of business networking by each inviting 5 visitors to attend our BNI meeting that week.

• Using International Networking Week as a focus and reason to invite visitors, we can start the year with the extra fun and business that visitors bring to the meeting.

• Here’s how: just say to your business associates “International Networking Week is in two weeks’ time; to celebrate my networking group is inviting businesspeople to our breakfast meeting, would you like an invite?”


• Let’s supercharge our One-to-One activity for International Networking Week by booking and carrying out 5 One-to-One between February 5th – 11th.

• We all know that One-to-Ones lead to referrals so this number of One-to-Ones in one week will set up referral activity for the rest of February.


• International Networking Week gives us the opportunity to share why networking is so powerful for businesspeople.

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