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There’s gold in that nugget!

by Richard Foulkes

The WHAT of Education

The education might be about BNI, business or life… it might come from the weekly education moment BNI send me or from something I think will be helpful to the chapter or a topic the leadership team want me to cover

The WHY of Education

One of BNI’s core values is Life-Long Learning. Each week my role, in 5 minutes or less is to get you all in a business frame of mind by inspiring and motivating you with key information about BNI and Business.

The Leaky Bucket Syndrome

A lot of the Networking Education Moments might be about BNI because over time members forget what they know about BNI and can stop doing the things that made them and the group successful.

We need to keep topping up that bucket of knowledge. Another of BNI’s core values is Innovation and as new things happen in BNI we need to let the chapter know about them.

This picture was drawn by Dr. Ivan Misner explaining the Leaky Bucket Syndrome!

How can you participate?

Listen to the moments with an open mind and try the activities or behaviours that are suggested. They might help you become even more successful.

Give me feedback if you feel I’m doing well or could do better.

Suggest topics you would like to know about so I can feed that information back to BNI or prepare moments myself to give you what you want.

I’m circulating a form where you can write down what you would like to hear about.

With your help and engagement I hope to inform, educate and entertain you for 3-5 minutes every week.

This week’s Education files:
Education PowerPoint:
Education Notes:
Education Ideas Sheet:

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