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BNI University will be launched in New Zealand Next Week!

by Graham Southwell

BNI University
BNI University is a new online training programme created by BNI Global that will be launched in New Zealand on the 3rd of May.


Through BNI University, you’ll have easy access to all of BNI’s educational information and training content in one single platform – so you can learn anywhere, anytime! The vision for BNI University is that it will arm you with the tools and resources that you need to be most successful in BNI, and to make training as convenient as possible.

You can access BNI University via PC or via Mobile App. In the Google Play or App Store, search for BNI U. To get started you need to click on the link in the BNI University Access Email once received and login using the email in your BNI Connect account and your existing password.

BNI Global know from testing BNI University in other countries that when members start using the platform, they really engage more in the BNI system. So, BNI New Zealand’s goal is to get as many members as we can, using BNI University.

What is available via BNI University?
– BNI Podcasts
– Power of One Podcasts
– Videos
– Education Moments
– Conference Audios
– Convention Audios
– YouTube videos about BNI created all over the world
– Chapter and Leadership Team Resources
– Online Member Success Programme Training

Online Member Success Programme Training
We now have available Online MSP Training. This curriculum was developed by members and the BNI Global instructional design consultants. It answers the question, what do you need to know to get the most from the BNI system as a member.

There are 4 courses:
– It All Starts Here: Building Relationships
– Communication Leading to Referrals
– Participating in BNI Meetings
– Getting More Involved

The white boxes are each of the lessons within those courses.

Courses can be stopped and started at any point and you can come back to exactly where you left off at a later date.

Chapter Education Units or CEU’s
Chapter Education Units or CEU’s are continuing education units achieved when you complete BNI learning activities. CEU’s support BNI’s core value of lifelong learning and will help you better understand BNI. There are a number of ways to do CEUs – ranging from listening to a series of BNI podcasts to reading one of Dr. Ivan Misner’s networking books.

BNI University does not currently convert CEU’s to BNI Connect at this time. Members will need to add their CEU credits to their BNI Connect account using an online slip in BNI Connect. CEU’s will become available in New Zealand when BNI University is launched.

How do I track my CEU’s?
To easily track your CEU’s and see how many you get for each course completed, visit the leaderboard section under my profile in BNI University. On this page, you’ll have access to the full number of points you have earned watching or listening to courses throughout the year.

How Does BNI Calculate CEU’s for BNI University?
You get one point for every minute of new training that you complete. Keep track of how many points you got this week and divide by 60 to get the number of CEU’s you’ve completed each week. You can also track monthly on the leaderboard.

Your chapter leaderboard will be created once you have at least 3 members actively using BNI University. The leaderboards are visible when you login to BNI University on a PC.

CEU’s and Member Traffic Lights/Power of One
CEU’s are used in the calculation of the Member Traffic Lights/Power of One scores, so for those chapters that have already started using these you will be able to start adding the CEU’s as well now.

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