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BNI Big Breakfast Canterbury

by Alison Poulter

On Wednesday 29th November, our members from around Canterbury gathered for their annual Big Breakfast in Christchurch.  This year we were fortunate to have both Ryan Reynolds from Gap Filler and Neville Pulman from Be. Accessible as our guest speakers, which tied in to the overall theme of what you can do in business to help the wider community.


Gap Filler was initially formed in response to the September 2010 earthquake in Christchurch, then expanded after the February 2011 quake. It is supported by the Gap Filler Trust and is a registered charity. They are a creative urban regeneration initiative that facilitates a wide range of temporary projects, events, installations and amenities in the city. These short-term and comparatively small-scale projects are far less risky than new permanent developments – and consequently open up opportunities for experimentation: trying new ideas, pushing social boundaries, adopting participatory processes to get everyday people involved in creating their city. Working with local community groups, artists, architects, landowners, librarians, designers, students, engineers, dancers – anyone with an idea and initiative – they activate city spaces for temporary, creative, people-centred purposes. More information can be found here

Be. Accessible is managed by the Be. Institute, a social enterprise that aims to work across all sectors and communities throughout New Zealand. The belief is that every person has their part to play in the creation of accessibility regardless of how big or small the change. Imagine a world where every person, building and community is truly accessible. And therefore every human being has the opportunity to fulfil their true potential. That world is what Be. Accessible has set out to create. Be. Accessible is a New Zealand social change initiative and a holistic framework for accessibility with a mission to create a truly accessible country for us. Read more about Be. Accessible here

We also celebrated the relationship with Hospice and presented Jane Rollings from Nurse Maude with a cheque from this year’s Nurse Maude Black Tie Event. In its 5th year, it is nearly $100,000 directly from this annual event that has been donated to Nurse Maude. The relationship between members and what they can do for those less fortunate is all part of the Givers Gain philosophy.

The Big Breakfast is an event put together by Nick Greenwood and Alison Poulter, both dedicated and enthusiastic Directors of the BNI Christchurch team. They want to wish the entire region, and extend this across the country, to have a safe and enjoyable holiday season.

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