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Getting Sticky

by Sean DSouza

There are sticky books. And crappy books.
Sticky audio. And crappy audio.
Sticky TV series. And crappy TV series.

So what makes one better than the other?

Not surprisingly, it’s the unifying theme.  So what’s a unifying theme? And how can you can make your information product (whether it be a report/book/audio series etc.) better? Visit here  and click on the audio link to either listen to the audio, or the download link to download it and listen to it on your iPod.

So what makes an information product really, really sticky?

When you watch this video, the concept of the Unifying Theme will come home to you.

You’ll notice it anyway, but here’s a clue: The TRAY.
The TRAY is the unifying theme. As humans, we need a unifying theme for everything. If we don’t get the unifying theme, it’s much, much harder to get a point across.

Have fun. It’s a funny, funny video–with a unifying theme!

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Karin Hulme 30 September 2009 - 7:48 am

We need to be clear in our messages to stop mis-interpretation.

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