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Are Category Cowboys an issue for your BNI chapter?

by BNI New Zealand

In BNI it is well accepted that we have ONE person per ONE BNI Category. With the vast range of different businesses represented as members of BNI, some overlap is inevitable. Most people accept this, and work comfortably within this framework. This mature attitude of the majority leads to a win, win, win, situation for all.

But………… not the Category Cowboy, they don’t see it this way

The Category Cowboy claims they do more. They claim it is their right, it is their job. They claim they give all round service and they can do it all. They want to grab up everything their profession even merely just touches on. Sometimes they even want to try and claim BNI categories that they may do in the future.

Category Cowboy

Adapted from a presentation originally created by DAN FLETCHER. dan@cartoonbox.co.uk

What happens when one members sits on two or more BNI Categories?

They block potential new members, this, in turn, blocks fresh referral opportunities for the whole chapter. This also denies the chapter their “new members” connections….. and it then denies the connections, connections…… and the connections, connections, connections, and so on……. In turn, the referrals that these new connections would have brought into the chapter are blocked.

If we all work together and collaborate with those in similar professions, it will be of more benefit to the whole chapter. After all, we are all here to receive referrals, the more members in our chapter, the larger our collective contact sphere.

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