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How to Succeed in Uncertain Times – 7 Tips

by Richard Foulkes

Tip #1 – Adventure Mindset

Right now we are living with a lot of unknowns. Who can name just a few? In dealing with unknowns, mindset is everything. Entrepreneurs that are doing ok OR are thriving have a mindset of looking at the unknown as an adventure to be lived whereas others have a mindset of the unknown being a danger to be avoided.

Those that look at the unknown as an adventure have a track record of the unknown introducing opportunities. Adopting a mindset that the unknown is an adventure that opens up opportunities is a positive way to live right now. Who do you know who is like this? Do they seem to be having more fun? Who do you know who has an opposite mindset, that the unknown should be avoided?

Tip #2 – If nothing else you have Customer Relationships

So, if you are in a situation where you have a product or service that no one can use for the foreseeable future, rather than being consumed by dealing with that, look instead at your relationships with your clients (or your database) and try and find a product or service they do need.

Your client relationship becomes your capital, not your product or service, and potentially you can leverage those relationships to sell them something else. Usually we start with a product, then find clients. Now you have clients but no product…

For example, right now Travel Agents have little they can sell but they have great relationships with their clients. Could they bring something from overseas to their clients?


If you are looking for opportunities in the unknown, sometimes we have tunnel vision. We can only see the lane we have been in.

Having a MASTERMIND session with people you trust who are in different markets or industries can help you brainstorm ideas which can provide insights or breakthroughs. BNI Members who know you well can be great members of a MASTERMIND session.

Be open to hearing things you don’t want to hear, but that you need to hear. MASTERMIND sessions are generally 60mins-90mins and are best not done over drinks as no one remembers to take notes.

Is there anyone that would like to have a MASTERMIND session?

Tip #4 – TEAM

If you see an opportunity in the unknown, maybe as a result of a mastermind session, the bottleneck is likely to be execution. Entrepreneurs have a vision and some sort of strategy, but to get things done you need to work with people and people are complicated.

They don’t mean to be, but we all have personalities. So get a great team that is aligned with you so when you identify a new opportunity you can execute quickly before someone else beats you to it.

Tip #5 – Solve outstanding conflicts

Avoiding conflict, avoiding dealing with conflict, or dealing with conflict badly is one of the biggest obstacles to success. It’s not because people don’t have the will to deal with conflict, but rather they lack the skills. The more you master the skills around conflict the more the stress around conflict goes away.

Tip #7 – Being afraid doesn’t mean you are in danger

Keep in mind that the unknown will make you anxious but it doesn’t mean you are in danger. If being anxious is stopping you sleeping try saying to yourself, what can I get done tomorrow that will help my company move through this. Make sure you write it down. You can change the idea when you wake up but it will help you get to sleep.


In a time of unknowns, practising an entrepreneurial mindset will help you uncover opportunities. Try a Mastermind session with members of your BNI team to get started!

Tip #6 – Guard your calendar

Guard your calendar or more accurately nurture your entrepreneurial spirit. Block out time to do creative problem-solving. Problem-solving even daily for 10 minutes will help move your business forward.

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