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Get a GRIP on visitors and grow your chapter

by Graham Southwell

You may have heard lately the expression at BNI that ‘30 is the new 20’. No we’re not talking age; we’re referring to the size of our chapters.

The new goal for BNI NZ in 2016 is to grow chapters to 30+ members rather than 20+ members. Perhaps you have already reached this mark – great, aim for 40. Did you know that chapters with 40+ members on average make eight times the money of those with less than 40?

If you haven’t reached this mark yet; how about looking at the many ways to increase the number of visitors you have to your chapter. One fantastic way to grow your visitors comes from a top marketer in the States. He advocates the GRIP method.

How to get a GRIP on inviting visitors?

The goal is to get someone to visit and sample our meetings not to join on the spot.

Here the invite process following the four step GRIP method.

  1. G – Would you like to Grow your business? Who doesn’t want to do this? When inviting visitors always start with the benefits they will receive from BNI – like business growth.
  2. R – Would new client Referrals help to grow your business? The answer is yes of course. Referrals are the lifeblood of a business and what we specialise in at BNI – let visitors know about the power of referrals.
  3. I – I’d like to Introduce you to my inner circle of business associates, who are ready to pass referral business to someone in your profession. Interested? Word of mouth is such an important part of growing a business in New Zealand. This is what we can offer to visitors – let them know about introductions that can grow their businesses.
  4. P – We will be meeting this (Tuesday) at (7:30am) at the (Sunset Community Café) = Place. Give specifics about your meeting details. Make sure your visitors can easily access your meeting – take the difficulty out of visiting.

The GRIP method is simple and it works. Go through the process step by step and watch your chapter grow. It takes about 5 invites to get ONE visitor to attend so take a few minutes today to invite at least 1 to 2 visitors each week. Using the GRIP method makes this process simple and hassle free and it works in person and also over the phone.

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