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Update your Referral Partners using Referral Tracking in the BNI Connect App…

by Richard Foulkes

One on BNI’s core values is Accountability and this week’s education moment logically follows on from the recent educations about following up on referrals and TYFCB.  Why? Because the BNI Connect App has a function that facilitates both.

Referral tracking was added to the BNI Connect App last year, but it was launched while we were distracted with other things, and it got a little lost in the noise. Tracking referrals through the App helps us follow up on referrals, keeps the member who gave the referral up to date with the progress of the referral and reminds us to record TYFCB when we close the business.

Setting a weekly appointment with ourselves to quickly review progress on the referrals we’ve received will stop us losing track (and might even help with customer service).

A Referral is a Conversation 

When you receive a referral, it starts a conversation with your referral partner. They are naturally interested in how the referral is going and ultimately if it was successful or not.

Especially if they staked their reputation on you handling the referral well. To make this conversation efficient BNI has added referral tracking into the BNI Connect App.

Don’t Lose Track

Using the BNI App to track progress with the referrals you receive has several benefits: 1.It reminds us to follow up on the referrals we have received. 2.It keeps the referrer up to date with progress on the referral via email and push notifications. 3.If we get the business, it reminds us to record the Thank You for Closed Business (TYFCB) 4.It’s really easy!

Let’s Give it a Go….

Let’s get out our phones now, go to the BNI Connect App, go to slips and referrals received and update the progress any referrals you have received.

Are there any there that you haven’t let your referral partner know how it went or worse, forgotten to follow up on?

If you change one to Green for “Got the Business” it will prompt you to record the TYFCB. Remember this will let your referral partner you got the business but won’t let them know you have recorded the TYFCB or how much it is.

Here is a thought

You may like to add a weekly reminder in your diary or calendar to update the referrals in the BNI App, it will take less than five minutes each week and ensure that you don’t lose track of the referrals you receive as well as keeping your referral partners up to date.

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