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Entering our BNI Business Statistics helps to show our Return on Investment.

by Richard Foulkes

Let’s break the rules! Let’s get our phones out during the meeting…..
Right, get your phones out. Open the BNI APP. We are going to look at three top BNI APP Tips that you may or may not know. This is an audience participation exercise ….. telling is Silver, showing is Gold but practical experience is Platinum!

A show of hands please….. who can’t open the APP? Ok, can the Vice President please grab their names, and we will sort that out later. If you can’t open the APP, work with someone next to you who can.

Now let’s get started.

Top APP Tip #1 Cross Chapter/Worldwide Referrals

Often, we will connect and end up doing business with members of other chapters in New Zealand or around the world. Inter-chapter activity counts and can be recorded in the BNI Connect APP.


1. From the home screen, choose slips as you normally would. To find a member outside of the chapter, use the magnifying glass at the top right to open the worldwide search instead of choosing a member of your chapter from the drop-down list. You can then search by any combination of first name, last name, or company name. You can record activity with your BNI Director as well. Once you have located the member, the rest is the same as normal.

2. From the home screen you can also click on Search, then Worldwide Search to locate the member first, then click on the slips icon below their name to submit a slip as normal.

Top App # 2 Recording TYFCB for Ex-Members and Visitors

Sometimes we will do business with ex-members and visitors. While we can’t record referrals* to them because they are not members, we can celebrate the business we received from them by entering Thank You for Closed Business (TYFCB). This will also add to the Revenue Received figure showing in your APP (private to you only) and the overall chapter total for TYFCB.

From the home screen, choose slips as you normally would, then TYFCB, then scroll to the very bottom of your chapter list, here you will find the options for Ex Members or BNI Directors and Visitors. Then proceed as normal.

*We can’t pass referrals to ex-members or visitors in the same way.

3 Top APP # 3 Tracking Referral progress

When we pass a referral, the other member receives a slip through the BNI system, and they also receive an email about the same. We should have a conversation and update the other member on the progress of their referral. Sometimes not much conversation is needed, sometimes the feedback between members about a referral is extremely important. If the conversation is simple, the APP can help members communicate referral progress and results.

Go to slips from the home screen, then you will see two tabs at the top Given and Received. This is all the activity you’ve created or received since you joined. Go to a referral you’ve received. Click on it and you’ll see you can track the progress of the referral. This updates the status of the referral in the givers’ app and sends them an email about the same*. If you mark a referrals as “Got the business” a screen will open directly offering you the ability to enter the TYFCB.

*If you include any notes – these are private to you only.


Please enter your stats. Our stats make us, and the chapter look good. When we enter our stats, we can also track our personal Return on Investment within BNI.

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