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Advanced One-to-Ones

by Richard Foulkes

It is extremely valuable to have multiple one-to-ones with the same member, especially those members in your hub.


  • Because when you do, you will get a more in depth look into their business. For instance, current capacity, pricing, lead times, case studies, business, technology and personnel changes
  • Knowing more about your fellow member’s business makes it easier for you to refer to them
  • During regular one-to-ones you can discuss each other’s up-coming clients, groups they belong to, or people they are meeting with soon
  • Together, you can work out who you might like to be introduced to or become involved with. Perhaps they are organising future projects that you can help with
  • These regular planning one-to-ones lead to pro-active referring which helps you both to achieve more profitability
  • They can be held at a mutually convenient location or even more easily straight after your BNI meeting. In fact, it is recommended that you have subsequent one-to-ones each week after BNI as you are already there!
  • They are also shorter than an initial one-to-one


An initiative/activity your chapter could run:

  • A structured one-to-one session for the whole chapter
  • Can be held directly after the chapter meeting or within the Feature Presentation (10-minute presentation) time slot
  • Optionally, breakfast could be served during this session instead of during the meeting
  • An opportunity to showcase the value of subsequent one-to-ones and how to do them effectively
  • Choose members from within your hubs that you have already completed one-to-ones with
  • Work through the week’s activity and see how you can collaborate

When will you book a speed networking session for your chapter?

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